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Welcome to Our Digital Study Guide for

In this digital study guide, you will find links to resources about traditional African hairstyles, Black hair health, uplifting and helpful products including books and dolls, and tools to overcome hair bias and discrimination at work or school.

Teachers, feel free to download PDFs for your classroom discussions.

Table of Contents

The sections below include links to resources that will teach you about the cultural and historical significance of 4C, kinky, curly, coiley hair, and natural hairstyles. You'll also find hair-positive books and toys, and our list of safe products for healthy Black hair. 

Table of Contents

Glory Days

The Cost


Generations of Black people have sat between a nurturer's legs, and have had their crowns tended to. Years worth of hours spent once a month, laughing, getting combed & parted, and bonding. Hair has been the root of many connections. Deepening existing relationships and aligning chosen family, Black hair is the tool of beauty, pride, love, and freedom.

Black women need consistent hair rituals to stay grounded and radiate love throughout their lives. Their hair is their bond. Below are some avenues to explore rituals and a touching story on how hair love influenced people's lives.  


Studies show that "the majority of Black girls experience or witness hair-related bullying in school from both peers and educators. 

Girls that reported greater frequency of hair-related teasing also had significantly lower scores on hair satisfaction. "

Click on this link to read the outcome of this study that utilized a mixed-methods approach to capture the lived experiences of girls relating to their hair.


Our character, Aleyah, uses social media to share her opinions, to ask questions, to make assertions, and to ultimately call for change


Question: As a social media influencer, when did she have the potential to spread

false or inaccurate opinions as fact?


Check out these links to learn How Social Media Influences Impact Youth:



The poems Process, 4C Cycle, & Alopecia show us that stress, frequent pulling, and relaxers can contribute to hair loss. Click here to learn more about the types and causes of Alopecia, and what can be done about it.

What is The C.R.O.W.N. Act?

Additional Resources

Below you will find links to safe shopping, products, tools, places and even films about Black hair care. 



Thank you to all of the generous donors & sponsors who helped bring HairStory: Reclaiming Our Crown to the stage. 

Are you the adoptive or foster parent of a Black child? Click the link above for a practical guide to the care of your child's hair.  

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